Day: March 2, 2019

Life Style

Travel writer Colin Thubron receives outstanding contribution award

A lifetime of travelling, and detailing the sights, smells and sounds of the experience has led Colin Thubron to write more than 15 travel books, primarily on Central Asia, Russia and China. Now, after five decades as a travel writer and novelist, Thubron, 79, has received the 2019 Edward Stanford Award for Outstanding Contribution to […]

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Why Does Business Travel Make Some Of Us Strangely Productive?

For some reason, when hopping between trains, planes and automobiles, I work with a laser-focus and an intensity that simply cannot be replicated in an office environment. Although many business travelers would argue productivity takes a backseat when you’re in transit, particularly when jet lag is a factor, I find that I’m unusually productive. Does […]

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Tours and travels

China bans 23m from buying travel tickets as part of ‘social credit’ system

China has blocked millions of “discredited” travellers from buying plane or train tickets as part of the country’s controversial “social credit” system aimed at improving the behaviour of citizens. According to the National Public Credit Information Centre, Chinese courts banned would-be travellers from buying flights 17.5 million times by the end of 2018. Citizens placed […]

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Adventure Travel

How To Travel Like Marie Kondo

  The KonMari method goes far beyond weeding through the stuff that takes residence within the four walls of our homes. In fact, you can apply the method to just about anything. So how does one travel like Marie Kondo? Folding methods aside, this article is meant to both provide insight on gear that keeps your […]

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