Why Does Business Travel Make Some Of Us Strangely Productive?

For some reason, when hopping between trains, planes and automobiles, I work with a laser-focus and an intensity that simply cannot be replicated in an office environment.

Although many business travelers would argue productivity takes a backseat when you’re in transit, particularly when jet lag is a factor, I find that I’m unusually productive.

Does moving from A to B mirror itself in the traveler, giving us a clear sense of direction in our work? Or does the rare absence of voices making demands on our time give us the headspace to knuckle down?

I spoke to four seasoned business travelers who experience the same thing, to find out more.

Jazmine Valencia, founder of music marketing company JV Agency, is on the road with musicians for 90% of her year. She thinks traveling forces our brains to be far more resourceful than if we were sitting in the same office every day, so she makes the most of it.

She explained: “I brainstorm and come up with new creative ideas that I can take back to my team. When you are constantly moving you get to see different forms of advertising, the ways other businesses operate, and that really can help spark creativity and ingenuity. I also try to read a business book in transit, to help the flow of new ideas, something I don’t get to do often in the day to day when I’m at one location.”